“During my time in yoga I feel that I have become a lot more flexible. I have learned to control my breathing, by doing this I feel that I have become more relaxed. I have also learned that you should listen to your body, if your body is hurt it is a good idea to rest it and work on strengthening it after you are healthy again. I love yoga and I feel that after I am done I am so much more flexible and relaxed.”
– Curran, 14


“Mimi’s ability to focus on the individual and to tailor every minute of every Yoga session to meet any special need is quite astounding!”
– Glenn, 73


“Mimi is an incredibly thoughtful teacher who truly cares about the community and her student’s individual journeys. In her classes, you will often hear her pushing her regulars to master the next advanced pose while at the same time cheering on the newer students as they work towards learning the fundamentals. She can scan a room and create an experience that resonates with a large audience of students. Some of my favorite moments in class have been times when she has stopped to celebrate the accomplishment of a student. These are the moments that create true community.”
– Jennie


“I stumbled into Mimi’s class a few years ago looking for something, not knowing what that something was. Mimi kicked my butt that first class as she has done a thousand times since. Little did I know that on that day I would meet not only my first yoga teacher but also a best friend. The last few years Mimi has pushed me physically and emotionally. She has been the best teacher and friend that I could imagine. Her ability to teach is outstanding but her ability to build a community is even more amazing. I count many of my great friends people I have met through Mimi and her classes. Her energy is electric and makes you want to push your body but also open your heart. She amazes me on a daily level as my teacher and also as my friend.”
– Becca, 31


“Mimi has a unique ability to see each student and help them find their own inner strength. Her classes are powerful and with her guidance I managed to improve my practice beyond what I thought was possible. Mimi’s inspiration and mentorship brings me tremendous joy and I will be forever grateful.”
– Lina, 26


“Top drawer!  Through the decades of my yoga journey, Mimi is by far the most talented, the most skilled and the most gracious yogi from whom I have ever had the pleasure of taking instruction.”
– Ed, 52


“Mimi is an incredible yoga teacher.  She brings an attentively upbeat attitude and contagious energy to every class.  Her classes challenge, inspire and energize each and every student.”
– Nate, 30


“Mimi is the reason I got into Budokon and Yoga. I used to be an avid runner and so I never thought that I could find a Yoga practice that was fun and accessible for the less flexible among us. Then I took one of Mimi’s classes when I first moved to D.C. and got hooked. I have never had another teacher who manages to simultaneously inspire me and push me to improve my practice. After almost three years of a couple sessions a week, I continue to feel myself getting stronger and more committed (and sore) with each of her classes. Her incredible strength and impelling energy are contagious.”
– Tara, 24


“I’m 75 years old and I’ve been seeing Mimi twice a week now for over two years. She is a marvelous teacher. Mimi keeps the pressure on, gently insisting that I do more and do it better, something an elderly gent left to his own devices would never do. Thanks to Mimi, I’m doing things I never thought I could do even when I was much younger.”
– Byron, 75


“I have learned so much over the past four years from Mimi’s challenging, yet compassionate, approach to teaching.  She has inspired me to grow in my practice well beyond where I thought I could go — and I have always felt safe with her to explore beyond those limits.  I have always been physically active, but had never been drawn to yoga, until I began working with Mimi — and now I love yoga!”
– Laurel, 58


“Mimi’s unique teaching style takes people of all ages and experience levels through a challenging and well thought out Yoga practice. Her classes have a social/community-based atmosphere which gives me the confidence and comfort to push my limits and develop my practice in a safe and fun environment.”
– Brennan, 27


“When I first found Mimi, I was new in my practice.  I was still getting to know my body — discovering its strengths and weaknesses.  I had made up my mind that while I could maybe become strong, flexibility was never going to be my strength.  Fast forward 3-4 years later, and under Mimi (who I consider my primary teacher), my flexibility has improved dramatically.  Whereas before, at the beginning of a class I could barely reach mid-calf in a forward fold, now I can touch the floor.  My hamstrings, hips and shoulders are so much more open.  And yes, while I was confident in my strength, Mimi helped (and is still helping) me conquer my fear of inversions.  She is a wonderful teacher because she encourages you to see past your perceived edge while respecting where your body is and how far it has come.”
– Candice, 38


“Mimi is an intuitive and creative teacher who creates classes that are both mentally and physically challenging. I walk out of her classes excited about yoga and looking forward to the next time on my mat.”
– Katie, 34


“Mimi is one of those yoga teachers whose class you take for the first time and immediately find out where and when she is teaching so that you can take another class. Her spirit and energy create such an inspiring and motivating environment that you can always count on leaving her classes feeling empowered and confident. I have taken yoga classes in many different cities and I can honestly say that Mimi’s classes whether it be Rocket, Flow, or Budokon are truly some of the best out there.”
– Juliana, 31


“It’s hard to describe the essence of Mimi in such way others fully appreciate the depth and breadth of her talents. In 14 years of yoga practice, she is one of the most well-rounded and gifted instructors I have encountered. In Mimi’s class there is something for everyone because her teaching style is practical and accessible to beginners and advanced practitioners alike. She has a unique ability to invite and motivate every student to take a risk and push to the edge.  Because her classes are consistently anchored by the breath and integrated with strength work I always leave Mimi’s class feeling a bit taller, stronger, inspired and energized. She’s the best.”
– Lisa, 46


“Mimi’s amazing! She has, single handedly, changed my practice (and my life) forever.  I’m so grateful to have her in my life, making me a better yogi every day.”
– Paige, 23