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Mimi Rieger, E-500 RYT began practicing yoga in 1998 and has been teaching for over fifteen years. Her physical journey began with ballet at the age of four through her teens and progressed to martial arts and yoga to present day.  Mimi teaches with a strong, compassionate yet practical manner encouraging students to adventure, explore and progress past their existing physical paths and practices. Mimi is passionate about her wellness exploration and her teaching encourages others to seek their most confident and evolved selves. Her personal journey over the years has exposed a love of service, dedication to learning and spiritual growth with her mantra and motto:

Stand as tall on the inside as you are on the outside“.

Through the practice of yoga and the evolution of the mind-body-soul, students will find a greater sense of self on and off of their yoga mats.

Mimi is registered through Yoga Alliance and received her yoga certification in 2003 at the Ashtanga Yoga Center in Washington, DC with David Ingalls.  Over the years she has studied and been certified in various yogic traditions and in various martial arts. Her yogic path began with Ashtanga Yoga and she continued to explore the lineage while branching off into Budokon® becoming the first teacher in the area and Regional Director of Budokon® Yoga for Budokon® International.  In 2009, she received her Progressive Ashtanga Yoga certification, in 2010 received her Rocket Vinyasa Yoga certification both under David Kyle, has completed the Forrest Yoga Advanced Training and her Reiki 1 certification.  With her expansive training and love of contribution, Mimi created her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2013 and has graduated over 130 students in the past 6 years and continues to curate and facilitate the curriculum.  She has thousands of hours of classroom instruction in addition to her personal studies both through her physical and spiritual practice. Blessed and honored to teach amazing events and stellar individuals including, First Lady, Michelle Obama, professional athletes, sports teams and corporate clients, she teaches internationally, in the U.S and her home base in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Mimi teaches a variety of styles of classes based on her diverse trainings; all offer thoughtful, intentional and dynamic movement with creativity and compassion at the helm.  Full body connectivity is paramount in Mimi’s teaching as she invites students to find balance and build strength as they flow through sophisticated, graceful transitions.  Students can expect a practice incorporating Sun Salutations, a strong standing series, balances, twists, core work, a seated series and inversions.  Classes are based on the Ashtanga Yoga method with a strong alignment foundation and offer students more advanced variations and postures as they progress through their practice.

A constant seeker, Mimi is consistently studying with her teachers and traveling to trainings, intensives, and retreats to further her knowledge of yoga and her passionate wellness journey.  She is honored to be an Ambassador for lululemon, MeSheeky WearSweet Green, Manduka and Trip Tribe. She is featured in many health publications and is a contributor to local and national media outlets and co-founder of Viva Shakti yoga pants.

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  • Mimi has a unique ability to see each student and help them find their own inner strength. Her classes are powerful and with her guidance I managed to improve my practice beyond what I thought was possible. Mimi’s inspiration and mentorship brings me tremendous joy and I will be forever grateful.

    – Lina, 31

  • Mimi’s amazing! She has, single-handedly, changed my practice (and my life) forever. I’m so grateful to have her in my life, making me a better yogi every day.

    – Paige, 29