Coming Up: Tools of the Trade

Coming Up: Tools of the Trade
January 10, 2017 Mimi Rieger

I’ve been thinking about offering this series for awhile now and finally decided to put it into play. Throughout the years, I have learned so many valuable tools and tips from different trainings and a diverse group of teachers along with my individual ideas, I decided to offer Tools of the Trade. This series will open the door to a plentiful batch of strength and conditioning drills, teaching methods, breath control and anatomy/alignment work.

I chose the imagery of building your dream house as in building your “dream” practice. We gather the necessary tools and instruments along the way to craft the home/practice that to speaks to our souls and our bodies. With my diverse lineage from led Ashtanga, to Mysore, Budokon, Rocket Vinyasa Yoga, to Forrest Yoga then finally into my power yoga style I put together a 4-part series to share some of my very favorite nuggets!

I am excited to offer the series with the hope that yoga teachers and approved students will commit to all four modules as the series will be progressive and each module will build off of the last one.

Climb the ladder to build your practice from the nuts and bolts to the stable corners of your dream structure.  This progressively sequenced training for certified teachers and approved advanced yoga asana practitioners includes an asana lab, anatomy, pranayama, teaching tools and sophisticated transition instruction in each module. All modules encouraged for completion.

Measuring Tape:

Foundational excavation to update and refurbish your knowledge of alignment and organize architecture for asana with wall work. Explore the integrity of the lower body anatomy including back leg activation, constructive teaching tips, assists and intermediate pranayama.

Hammer and Nails:

Continue building inner strength with core capsule drills, bandha work, and center focused asana, integrating arm balances, anatomy study, and creative prop work. Excellent for taking your teaching up a notch!

Drills and Bits:

Add to your tool belt by crafting a knowledge of inversions  through dynamic drills and preparatory poses with a keen focus on shoulder anatomy. Cement the foundation to build advanced inversions and sophisticated, seamless transitions. Must have a confident headstand practice

Build Your Dream House:

Assemble all your tools, equipment and an inspiring coat of paint to sequence to peak posture. Use design flourishes to integrate each module and confidently teach an advanced class with modifications. Tighten your tool belt and prepare to elevate to the top!

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