Power Yoga

Primarily based on Ashtanga Yoga, this challenging practice incorporates Sun Salutations, standing postures, arm balances, core work, a seated series and inversions with a keen focus on the breath. Students will build heat in the body while cultivating stamina, endurance and emphasizing personal growth in their practice. Be prepared for a vigorous and detoxifying class.

Open to all students, expect a mixed levels class.


Budokon Yoga

This practice melds a dynamic blend of contemporary yoga asana with movements influenced by ancient martial arts. This series is a seamless transition-based flow with circular rotation and challenging, graceful movements. Budokon®Yoga brings concentration, fluidity, power, and creativity to hatha yoga in an original, authentic expression.

This is a physically challenging practice recommended for intermediate and advanced students but open to adventuresome beginners.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This practice links asana and breath together in a seamless and continuous movement integrating creativity and fluid transitions. A fluid flow joining standing balances, hip opening and core work are the foundational postures in this practice. Classes are accessible to all levels and offer variations with alignment-based cues incorporating powerful yet graceful movements.

Open to all levels.


Rocket Vinyasa Yoga

An intense, vigorous, set sequence based on Ashtanga Yoga, The Rocket was created by It’s Yoga, Larry Schultz to get your desired results faster. Postures taken from the Ashtanga Primary Series in Rocket 1 are then incorporated with more advanced asana from the Second and Third Ashtanga Series in Rocket 2 and 3. Expect a strong standing series, incorporating arm balances and inversions followed by a seated postures followed by backbends, handstands and the Ashtanga finishing series. More intermediate to advanced postures will be offered.

Open to all levels, a fundamental knowledge of yoga strongly encouraged.