The Year of Expansion

The Year of Expansion
January 10, 2017 Mimi Rieger


So this whole blog thing is new for me.  I’m easing into this platform as part of my 2017 intention to be more interconnected and live a fuller, more bountiful life.  I am generally a very private person with a fairly public profession or an introvert with an extroverted job. For years this has caused me great confusion but I have decided to lean in and jump into 2017! There are many universal shifts on this year’s horizon, join me to stand as tall on the inside as you are on the outside and look your desire directly in the eye!!!

My dear friend Yael gifted me with a deck of #truthbomb cards at lunch last week and I pulled one just before I sat down to write this post. The card read Choose to Expand, hmmm, well imagine that…

Be patient with me and I promise to share some cool things that I personally love- not all yoga stuff but my other passions as well- design, flowers, music, travel, reading, contribution and my beloved family. I made a promise to myself to live louder, bolder and with passion so if you hear of any cool or interesting cultural happenings, please email me. I’m looking for fun endeavors and neat stuff for the blog. I’m excited to chart these new waters and look forward to sharing.

My 7 favorite things in 2017 (so far)

1. Spending 2 weeks with my mom over the holidays and sharing our deepest secrets.

2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – great for the creatives.

3. #Truthbomb deck by Danielle Laporte – pick a card each day, i.e. crush life!

4. Love Train, such an oldie but suuuch a goodie! Been playing it while staying warm in my car between classes.

5. Graduating an incredible group of MRYTT yoga teachers.

6. How I Built This on NPR – Celebrating Innovators and Doers.

7. The knowledge that something awesome is just around the corner.  Choose to Expand.



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  1. Logan 3 years ago

    YOU ARE ROCKING IT! Go Mimi! We all love you.

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