Interviews with Mimi

I’ve been very fortunate to be an Ambassador for such incredible companies and starting my own small yoga pants line last year.

Read snippets of some of my interviews with local press and with the companies I value and support.


Washington Post, March 2015
Wild, colorful Viva Shakti yoga pants will draw stares and admiration
photo1If the 1980s had a baby with Rio de Janeiro, you might get Viva Shakti yoga pants. Developed by local yogis Mimi Rieger and Maria Elena Garcia Mora, they may forever banish black yoga legwear.

You may feel like a peacock wearing these in D.C., but that’s the point — the bravado of splashing patterns this spirited across your backside. “You can high-five your friends who have the same pants on,” Rieger says. “You’re both taking a risk.”
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SweetGreen, November 2012

What is your sweetlife?
Mimi: My sweetlife is living my dream by teaching yoga as a full-time profession. I am surrounded by amazing friends, students and teachers from around the globe. I am grateful for each day that I meet new people with inspiring stories and energy.
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meSheeky, 2008
Why are you so Sheeky?
Mimi: I live my life with passion + love + surround myself with amazing students, family + super positive, inspirational peeps. I search for adventure + embrace change + love to the fullest expression.
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Lululemon, Product Notification 2012

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